QLC Ep 62: The Podcast is Not Enough

An extra special Ryan-free episode! We jump right in this week with where Elisa "was at." Alex visits the set of Iron Man 3 and tells us about a political Assassination... spec'd candidate. You think you may need to leave the country after the Nov. 6 results? Jet Blue wants to help you with that. David Blaine attempts to trick 2 people in the world again and the "iconic" vocal talents of John Travolta and Olivia Newton John plan to ruin... er... brighten up your holidays. JC has some music-ish news and we learn all the best comedic programing languages. There's a new James Bond song out this week and we discuss our favs. Lastly, we bring you a bonus segment that's sure to annoy the masses (and mostly Ryan). Don't miss this week's episode!

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