QLC Ep 47: Welcome to the Feud!

The QLC Team hosts its second Google+ live show, and our fans were awesome as always. Elisa talks about being in a Dunkin Donuts commercial, Rihanna is doing another movie (sigh), Justin Bieber concusses himself, Kathie Lee Gifford plants her foot firmly in her mouth, the team breaks down E3, and we honor the recently-passed Richard Dawson by playing the Feud against our fans on Google+ (spoiler: we suck at playing the Feud). We put in some overtime to give you a jam-packed episode this week. We hope you enjoy it. Tell your friends about us!

Listen Now:

  • Benn Judson

    LOL I homied you guys on jugalobook about a week before this episode under the name Benn Judson :D

    Jun 7, 2012 at 7:52 am